The South Beach Escape

The South Beach Escape

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Transport your body and mind to the tropical oasis of South Beach. Escape with 5 curated products designed to not only pamper your body but will also delight your senses. Infused with tropical fragrances, simply imagine that you're in South Beach. Use products individually or layer them for an enhanced fragrant effect:

- Body Souffle, 9oz.

-Sugar Scrub, 16oz.

-Sweet Oil, 8oz.

-Shea Butter, 4oz.

-Sexy Body Butter, 4oz.

This gift set is available in limited fragrances.

*Due to the extreme summer heat, we can not guarantee the texture of the Shea Butter or Body Custard. However, to help ensure the product texture, an additional charge of $15 will be added for the shipment of Shea Butters to include Dry Ice to help preserve the product integrity.*