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His Brown Sugar Body Souffle

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A truly decadent  and ultra-hydrating treatment for the body, designed to calm and soothe extra dry skin. Lightweight in texture but a heavyweight in moisture, this moisturizing formula is fortified with both Cocoa and Sea Butters to help restore, protect, and soften the skin. Cooling to the touch, this creamy rich creme creates a luxurious skin experience. Infused with a brown sugar and creme which gives this souffle an enchanting essence. 9oz.

Why we love it.... 

  • Apricot Oils moisturize the skin while depositing nourishment to the skin
  • Skin nourishing Almond Oils condition the skin
  • Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter granules delivers protection and intense moisturization
  • Creamy notes of vanilla, creme, and honey with a dash of cinnamon creates this fragrant indulgence

  • How do we use it? 
    Apply all over the body, except the face.