#25 Shea Butter

#25 Shea Butter

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A blend of moisturizing Shea Butter triple whipped to moisturize dry skin like hands, feet and elbows. Never go through the day with dry skin.

Made just for him, our #25 Body Lotion for men is a slight blend of fresh green mint and a blend of bergamot touched with slightly spicy black pepper. Not a harsh fragrance, this scents is a lingering one that makes a statement.

HOW TO USE: Apply and massage into the skin, daily.

*Due to the extreme summer heat, we can not guarantee the texture of the Shea Butter or Body Custard. However, to help ensure the product texture, an additional charge of $15 will be added for the shipment of Shea Butters to include Dry Ice to help preserve the product integrity.*

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