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Black Soap Body Bar

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This all natural, thick sliced, Black Soap originates from West Africa and works well in help relieving acne prone skin, oily skin, blemishes and other skin issues. Though it has a drying affect, this soap is made by the Women of West African and quickly provides results and proves to be effective. Free from dryness and harsh ingredients, its color is attributed from the roasting of plantain skins or from cocoa pods in clay ovens. Plantain skin provides a rich source of Vitamins A and E. The roasted plantain/cocoa pods are mixed with Palm Kernel Oil to form the soap. The results are simply amazing! ( PLEASE NOT THE SIZES AND SHAPES MAY VARY SOME)

HOW TO USE: Wet the soap with water and rub directly on wash cloth as you would a normal soap. When done, please store the soap in a dry soap dish to help prevent the soap from dissolving faster than it normally would.

INGREDIENTS: BLACK SOAP ( to include pot ash, cocoa bean pods, plantains)