Bags Packed Exotic Escape- First Trip - Jones and Rose

Bags Packed Exotic Escape- First Trip

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Welcome to the lavish world of Bags Packed, where grooming meets luxury.

Our deluxe gift set for men is crafted with the finest ingredients to leave you feeling groomed and polished like never before.Let your skin indulge in our body lotion enriched with almond oil and olive oil - a power-packed combination that nourishes and hydrates even the driest skin. Combined with shea butter, this intensely rich formula will combat dryness and leave your skin irresistibly soft.

Experience all-day nourishment with our luxurious body oil, helping you maintain soft supple skin throughout the day. Our long-lasting formula locks in moisture for 24 hours without leaving any residue behind.

Make an unforgettable impression wherever you go with our epic cologne fragrance spray formulated to captivate everyone's senses. Imagine being intoxicated by exotic aromas as this captivating scent envelops your entire being.

Our Blue Bamboo Bar Soap is made from premium Shea Butter blended perfectly with avocado oil providing exceptional moisturization while keeping harsh chemicals at bay- it’s pure indulgence!Indulge yourself or your loved ones in a luxurious pampering experience that will make heads turn turning on every corner; take home Bags Packed today!

8oz Body Lotion: A body lotion with moisturizing powers strong enough to leave skin moisturized. Natural oils of almond and olive work overtime to nourish. Intensely rich Shea Butter combats dry skin.

8oz Body Oil: An all over body oil moisturizer for 24 hour, all day soft, nourished skin.

15ml Cologne Fragrance: Indulge in an intoxicating body cologne spray. 

4.4oz Blue Bamboo Bar Soap: A moisturizing soap made with Shea Butter and Avocado fragranced with a light clean scent.

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